Browsing by country

Click on the left-hand side bar “Browse by Country”. Select the country or type of legislation to be viewed. After selecting the country that you wish to view, a list showing the short descriptive titles of all of the available legislation will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. Select the legislation to be reviewed by clicking on the title. 

Browsing by subject

Select one of the four subject areas that you wish to explore. A drop down list will appear with all the sub-headings under the selected subject. To see which countries have provisions under a particular heading, select the heading. A list of countries with the relevant section and title of the legislation is listed. Select the provision to be viewed to see the full text.

Free Text Search

In addition to the four subject areas available under “Browsing by subject”, it is possible to search the entire database by clicking on the left-hand side bar “Search”. The search box will appear.
Examples of searches:
  • dismissal AND termination
    • finds where both words are found in a document.
  • penalties OR remedies
    • finds documents that have one or the other word in it.
  • termination NOT gender
    • finds documents that have the word termination but do not have the word “gender” in it.
  • termination NEAR dismissal
    • finds documents that have the word “termination” and that have the word “dismissal” close to the word “termination”
  • “contract of employment”
    • finds documents with these three words in it.
  • labour*
    • finds the words labours, labourer, labouring, etc. in the document
  • *ation
    • finds all words ending in “ation” such as discrimination, termination, consideration, etc.


Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed for printing the text of any legislation included in CARIBLEX. If your system does not already have this software, you can install Adobe Acrobat Reader (Version 7.0, reader only) free of charge by clicking this icon

To print entire legislation
At the top of the page that displays the legislation , click on <Printable Version>. A separate window will open displaying the text in a printable format. Use the print button on the browser to print.

To print a section of the legislation
Using the cursor, highlight the text that is to be printed. Copy the highlighted text to a word processing document and paste the text accordingly. Print the selected text from the word processing programme.

- or -

Using the cursor in the browser, highlight the text to be printed. Click on the <File> menu item and then <Print>. The print menu will appear. In the Print Range section of the print menu, select the “Selection” button and then “Print”. Only the selected text will print.